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A message from MYA regarding LD 1111

On November 29th, a disappointing divided report came out of the Energy, Utilities and Technology (EUT) committee. The committee voted 7-5 "ought not to pass" on LD 1111, a critical piece of legislation that would cap the length of large-scale water extraction agreements. 2 Democrats, Senator Lawrence (D-York) and Representative Runte (D-York), voted alongside Republican members of EUT. Maine Youth Action has made it clear our position to supporters and partners- LD 1111 is a critical bill that is much needed, especially as uncertainty arises around our water resources amid the climate crisis. We continue to stand strongly behind LD 1111, regardless of the outcome from committee.However, this does not mean the fight is over for regulating big companies like Poland Springs. There is a strong coalition of advocacy groups dedicating their time and efforts to passing LD 1111 through the legislature. We are confident that this bill will get to the finish line, as long as we have strong support from grassroots advocates like you.Please stay tuned for future calls to action on this important priority- your help will be absolutely crucial!

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