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Green Forest


Our Mission

Green Forest

Our Mission is to fight for bold, equitable and intersectional climate policy in Maine on a state and municipal level through youth voice, power and action.

Our Goals

★ Pass bold climate policy

★ Have our voices heard in administrations across the state

★ Elect climate champions

★ Mobilize & empower a youth-led climate movement through legislative, political, & electoral means

Our Values


1. We need fundamental reform of our economic system. To obtain a renewable future by 2030, we must fundamentally reform the system as we know it. Exploitation of the lower classes has become all too common throughout Maine. Additionally, capitalism contributes to the environmental abuses and injustices by promoting extractive and destructive relationships between society and the environment.. Ultimately we, the youth, will not be able to create an equitable future for ourselves and future generations by maintaining the pervasive systems of oppression that got us here in the first place.


2. We champion the Green New Deal and all that enables it Proposals that were once considered radical are becoming necessary. Youth will continue taking to the streets until legislation that enacts change is passed at the local, state, and federal levels. The Green New Deal sets viable emission standards that will take this country in a greener direction. It addresses the reality that humans are not creating climate change or environmental issues: corporations are. We support actionable legislation like a Green New Deal that will advance our society for the better. Time is running out to change.


3. We recognize the climate crisis is intrinsically linked to every other issue and we must work with other movements We recognize the intersections between climate change and some of the issues we are experiencing in this country. That's why we consider climate change, the most pressing issue of our time, causing a multitude of societal problems. People of different backgrounds, especially marginalized, BIPOC, disabled, and socioeconomically challenged youth are the voices we strive to include in organizing conversations. Working with movements to achieve our common goal by pressuring our elected officials to do something is how we, the youth, win.


4. We are unafraid to be bold with our actions and hold the establishment accountable.


5. We believe in grassroots advocacy.


6. We enact positive change by creative and varied means

We Need Your Support Today!

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