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Old Growth Amendment: Take Action to Protect Precious Forests

Support the U.S. Forest Service Old-Growth Amendment.

Maine Youth Action's involvement with the 30x30 conservation campaign includes efforts to conserve America’s old-growth forests. The remaining old-growth trees are too precious to cut, but continue be under the threat of logging. National Forests are managed very differently than our National Parks, and old-growth forests on federal lands are considered unprotected. Living forests absorb and store carbon through an ecosystem of soil, organic matter, and trees. Older trees tend to absorb more carbon each year compared to younger ones, making old forests one of our most valuable carbon offset tools. Forests are crucial to the livelihood for endangered wildlife and provide dependable drinking watersheds for nearly half of all Americans. Maine Youth Action is advocating and helping to lay the groundwork for durable protections for mature forests, to ensure that they are able to develop into our next generation of old-growth forests. Will you join us? We need your voice!

The U.S. Forest Service is now taking comments on the proposed National Old-Growth Amendment that could protect old-growth forests from logging. This is a step in the right direction towards the protection of our forests, but we need all of the effort we can get to make this amendment stronger. Submit a comment to the U.S. Forest Service asking them to TAKE ACTION!

Read more and find talking points HERE


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